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If you have been involved in a rideshare accident, contact our rideshare car accident lawyers in San Diego today. Rideshare apps have made transportation more convenient when people need a safe way to get home from a night out or simply want an easy ride when they want to go anywhere. A rideshare is an app that you can install on your mobile phone and use it to hail a rideshare driver. The drivers are individuals who use their own cars to provide rides and work as independent contractors for one of a number of different companies, including Uber and Lyft. While getting a rideshare ride is simple, it is important to think about what might happen if you are involved in an accident while using a rideshare. A rideshare car accident lawyer in San Diego may help you to figure out how you might recover damages for any losses that you suffer if you are injured in an accident while you are riding in a rideshare car.

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How Common are Rideshare Accidents in San Diego?

It is difficult to find data about the frequency of rideshare accidents. The large rideshare companies are protective of this information, and agencies such as the California Office of Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration don’t collect data about rideshare accidents. However, a report in Inc. found that rideshare accidents have tripled in the last few years, and the New York Post reported similar data for accidents involving rideshare vehicles in New York City. Taking these two findings into account, it is likely that rideshare accident rates have increased by a similar percentage in California and in San Diego as well.
Types of Injuries That Can Occur in Rideshare Accidents

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The types of injuries that people can suffer from rideshare accidents are similar to what people might expect from another type of motor vehicle accident. Common injuries that happen in motor vehicle accidents include the following types:

The types of injuries that might happen will depend on the severity of the accidents.


Different Types of Rideshare Accidents

Many different types of accidents can happen while people are using rideshare cars. The rideshare drivers may collide with other motorists because of driving recklessly. Rideshare drivers may also cause accidents when they are distracted by their rideshare apps on their phones. While the rideshare driver may be at fault in some accidents, other accidents may be caused by the other motorist in the accident. Trying to determine who is liable and how to recover damages when you have been injured in a rideshare accident may be difficult, and getting help from a rideshare car accident lawyer in San Diego may be important.

Dealing with Insurance After a Rideshare Accident

It can be hard to figure out which insurance company might be responsible to pay damages after a rideshare accident. Uber and Lyft now must provide primary insurance to California rideshare drivers while they are transporting passengers. California passed a law that requires rideshare companies to provide primary coverage in all phases, including when they are driving around and waiting for a ride without people in their vehicles. If the other driver was at fault, his or her insurance company may be responsible to pay damages. In cases in which both the rideshare driver and the other motorist were at fault, both insurance companies may be responsible. Finally, the rideshare driver may have insurance coverage in addition to what is available from the rideshare company if he or she purchased a hybrid policy.

Why it is Important to Talk to an Attorney

Speaking to a lawyer is important after you have suffered an injury from a rideshare accident. Attorneys may be able to figure out the complex issues of liability so that you might recover sufficient damages to pay for your losses. They might conduct thorough investigations of what happened so that the insurance companies may be likelier to extend fair settlement offers to you.

When to Contact an Attorney

In California, personal injury claims must be filed within two years of when the accidents occurred. It is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after you have been injured, however. This can give the attorney more time to investigate your claim and to find witnesses who saw it before they are lost. Contact a rideshare car accident lawyer in San Diego at our law firm today to learn more.

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