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San Diego Semi Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer In San Diego

If you or someone you love has been injured in a semi-truck accident in the San Diego area, you have options and may be entitled to compensation. The San Diego semi-truck accident injury lawyers at our firm have over 30 years of experience in these sorts of cases and have won hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for our clients in the past. Let us help you. Contact us today so we can discuss the facts of your case.

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Million Dollar Car Accident Settlement In San Diego

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Every year, thousands of people are killed in accidents involving semi trucks, and tens of thousands are injured in these accidents. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident involving a semi truck, retaining an attorney skilled in handling semi-truck accidents is your best option for receiving compensation for your injuries. Our San Diego semi-truck accident attorney firm has been helping people in for 30 years and can provide you with a knowledgeable lawyer to help you with your case today.

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Accidents involving semi trucks have many causes and therefore many different parties may be at fault. In some cases, the manufacturer of the vehicle may be liable because the truck malfunctioned in some way or was designed without adequate safety equipment. In other cases, the owners of the trucks may be liable. Perhaps the owners did not perform proper maintenance on their vehicles, hire qualified drivers or appropriately train their drivers. In these cases, owner negligence may have contributed to the accident. In still other cases, the driver of the truck may be liable by failing to obey traffic laws, driving recklessly, using alcohol while operating the truck or falling asleep on the road. Frequently, accidents are the fault of more than one party because the recklessness and negligence of several people contributed to the accident. A semi-truck accident lawyer located in San Diego will be able to sort through the facts of your case and help determine who may be at fault for your injuries.

Possible consequences of an accident.

Accidents involving semi trucks can lead to a wide variety of injuries. While some people escape an accident with minor cuts or bruises, others suffer much more severe injuries. Injuries to the back, neck and spinal cord are common and can lead to quadriplegia or paraplegia. Accidents can result in broken bones or severed limbs. Many suffer head injuries that have neurological effects. For some, these injuries have lifelong consequences. For others, the accidents prove to be fatal.

What to do after an accident?

After an accident, the first thing to do is to seek appropriate medical care. After dealing with the medical side of the accident, retaining an attorney can be the next step in your recovery. While no lawyer can ever reverse the physical consequences of an accident, the right San Diego semi-truck accident attorney can help mitigate the financial costs by seeking compensation from the people who were at fault for the accident.

Severe semi-truck accidents in San Diego carry with them high medical costs, which only get higher every year. In addition, certain injuries may require costly rehabilitation and possible even special medical care for the rest of the victim’s life. Compensation may also be available for lost wages, property damage and emotional trauma. Victims may also be able to collect money to offset the pain and suffering that they have endured. One of the first things a skilled semi-truck accident attorney will do is help evaluate to what types of compensation you may be entitled. The right lawyer will help determine the kinds of documentation you will need to prove your case and help you assemble that documentation, look for help locally in San Diego.

Most truck companies carry insurance for accidents and those insurance companies have lawyers looking out for the best interests of the company. These San Diego semi-truck accident attorney firm are experts at dealing with accidents, and you do not want to be at a disadvantage. Having your own lawyer on your side will help you protect your rights and enable you to seek the highest amount of compensation possible. Lawyers for the insurance company may try to convince you to sign paperwork indemnifying their clients or accepting a lower payment as a settlement. By having your own San Diego law firm look over paperwork before you sign it, you can help prevent signing an agreement that limits your rights. Frequently, insurance companies will treat you differently if you have legal representation.

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