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Because our San Diego head injuries lawyer has 30 years of experience in this field, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your case rests in capable and understanding hands. When you or a loved one is the victim of an accident that causes an injury, there are many questions you may have immediately following the accident. These important questions are key in determining the amount and type of benefit you may receive from an insurance company after your case has been settled.

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Head injuries are some of the most debilitating injuries an individual can suffer. Because the brain is such a complex and relatively delicate organ, it can suffer serious, lifelong damage as a result of even a seemingly simple injury. Head injuries can cause chronic migraines, mental retardation, deafness, blindness, and other serious neurological side effects. Extreme trauma to the head can often lead to deficits in attention, speech problems, irritability, depression, and pain in multiple areas of the body. Many of these side effects may not become apparent immediately, but rather express themselves years after the initial accident occurs. This is one of the many reasons that hiring a competent San Diego head injury attorney immediately is so important.

Accidents can happens anywhere.

Accidents that result in serious head injuries can include car accident on San Diego’s busy freeways, bike and motorcycle accident, truck accident, construction accident, oxygen deprivation (as experienced in a near-drowning, for example) and slip and fall, especially from high places. Falls from windows and ledges are a common cause of injury and can occur as a result of improper installation of stairs and safety rails. Call for a free consultation with a San Diego head injuries attorney. In all business settings (and in most public settings), it is the responsibility of a maintenance team, caretaker or property owner to keep these areas safe for the people who frequent them. If one of these people fails to do his or her part in keeping an area safe, that individual can and should be found at fault for the injuries you sustain, especially if the accident is easily preventable.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a head injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you and your family may be entitled to financial compensation. A San Diego head injury lawyer can help you get compensation for pain and suffering, healthcare costs and missed work, all while providing you with the legal support and representation you need during this difficult time. If the unthinkable occurs and a member of your family dies as a result of a head injury accident, your expert attorney in San Diego will also assist you in the process of claiming benefits to cover the expenses of funeral arrangements.

Head Injury Assessment is Crucial.

If you believe that you may have incurred serious brain damage following a head injury, it is always critical that you be seen by a licensed and reputable medical professional as soon as possible. This is not only for your general safety, but will prove absolutely necessary when filing a claim with an insurance company. When you are evaluated, it is important that you are assessed for oxygen deprivation, dilation of pupils, loss of focus, pain or tingling in limbs or other unusual symptoms that appear after a serious injury. These symptoms, as well as others, may indicate brain damage as a result of trauma to the head. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through the pain of this injury alone, as our San Diego head injury lawyer is equipped with the knowledge and tools you will need to succeed in obtaining compensation for your accident.

Missed wages, emotional distress and healthcare bills can add up to make a difficult and painful situation even more trying. Over the years and through the innumerable cases we have taken, we have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. While we understand that financial compensation will not alleviate physical pain or remedy an long term effects of a injury, it can help to begin the process of getting you back on your feet. Turn to your local San Diego head injuries attorney in fighting for your rights, handling the insurance companies and getting you the financial compensation you deserve following your accident. In our 30 years of experience, we have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. If you live in San Diego allow our dedicated team of legal professionals to supply you with everything you need throughout the duration of your head injury case.

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