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Drunken drivers put their lives and the safety of others at risk each time they get behind the wheel of a car or truck. If you are the victim of a drunken driving accident and want to seek justice, you are likely wondering what you should do so that you can protect your right to gain compensation.

While the drunken driver will face criminal charges, you are also entitled to file a lawsuit. You can use the money that you win to cover the expenses you have encountered, and doing so will ease the stress. Getting the best possible results, though, requires you to enlist the services of a San Marcos DUI accident lawyer.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced DUI Accident Attorney

When they get into a drunken driving accident, people often expect their insurance company to help pay for the related medical bills and repair fees, but doing so won’t always provide them with the results for which they had been hoping. The insurance companies will look for ways to reduce the amount of money to which you are entitled, and you don’t want to face that problem alone.

A reliable attorney will review your case, speak with the insurance companies and safeguard your rights, letting you know that you are in good hands. When you hire a knowledgeable DUI accident attorney, he will show you the options from which you can choose and help you select the right path for your situation.

Is the Drunken Driver the Only Person Accountable?San Marcos DUI Attorney

When you are involved in a drunken driving incident and want to take your case to court, you will likely ask yourself if the drunken driver is the only person the courts can hold accountable. Depending on the events leading up to the accident, the legal system can hold the restaurant or bar accountable if a server gave alcohol to a person who was already drunk.

Also, if the defendant states that your actions had contributed to the accident, it can impact your right to seek compensation. Party hosts can be held accountable for allowing drunken drivers to get into a car and to put lives in danger. Speaking with an attorney will help you understand how the case will unfold and what you can expect as you move forward with the process.

Harm Inflicted During a Drunken Driving Incident

Car accidents can cause untold amounts of damage, and you won’t want to find yourself on the side of the road. If you are lucky, the car accident will only cause minor cuts and scrapes that won’t take long to heal. On the other hand, drunken driving crashes can cause serious injury or death.

When someone is injured in an accident, the injuries can impact that person for life, resulting in permanent disabilities. Since DUI accidents can cause a lot of harm to the victims, holding drunken drivers accountable for their actions is vital when it comes to discouraging such behavior.

Potential Compensation

If you have decided to pursue a drunken driving lawsuit, you will need to understand the types of compensation you can seek so that you will know what to do. Not only can you pursue compensation for your medical bills, but you can also receive payments to cover your car repair fees. If your injury prevents you from going to work, you can gain compensation to cover your lost wages. You might be able to obtain money to make up for the pain and suffering you have experienced. The court will even order the defendant to help you pay for ongoing treatment if you can prove your case.

Steps to Take When You Are Involved in a Drunken Car Accident

The steps you take after a drunken driving accident takes place are critical if you want to reach a favorable outcome. You will first need to get to the side of the road and contact medical assistance and the police. But before you file any police reports or speak with your insurance company, you must contact a San Marcos drunken driving accident attorney.

Otherwise, you might say or do something that could harm your ability to pursue compensation, and you don’t want to fall into that trap. Fighting a complex legal battle won’t always be easy, but having a caring attorney on your side will allow you to take action with confidence and peace of mind.

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