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Contact our Rancho Bernardo dog bite lawyer now if you have been injured by someone elses dog and has caused you pain, suffering, received medical attention, or more.. In the United States, nearly 5 million adults and children are injured by dog bites each year. However, the majority of injuries occur to young children. Out of the 5 million people who are attacked by dogs, approximately 20 percent require hospitalization. If the negligence of a dog owner has directly resulted in a serious dog bite injury to you or someone you know, it is important to act quickly and decisively in order to ensure proper legal action, call Rancho Bernardo dog bite attorneys for a free consultation.

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Dogs Prefer to Attack Small Children

Most of the injuries afflicted upon children occur in their faces or necks. Some experts think that dogs prefer to attack children because kids are too aggressive. Children tend to make dogs nervous because they walk right up to the animals and make them feel intimidated. Dogs want to feel superior. Consequently, the dogs attack youngsters as a form of self-defense.

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A Dog’s Owner Must Protect Other People from Possible Attacks

An injured person needs to contact our Rancho Bernardo dog bite lawyer to find out whether a legal claim exists. The personal injury attorney will determine whether the owner of the dog was negligent. In a simple case of negligence, the dog’s owner needs to ensure that the dog is under control at all times. The dog needs to have a leash and, if known to bite, a muzzle.

Trespassing May Invalidate a Personal Injury Lawsuit

However, the possibility of negligence may not occur if the injured party is guilty of trespassing. A dog bite occurring while trespassing on another person’s property is a complicated legal situation. In this scenario, the injured party may not have the ability to claim negligence. In a personal injury dog bite lawsuit, the lawyer must prove that the dog’s owner was negligent. Since the owner of the dog also has specific rights, such as the right to privacy on his or her personal property, trespassing contradicts a possible act of negligence.

An Act of Trespassing is a Delicate Legal Issue

It is not easy to prove that the victim of a dog bite trespassed on the dog owner’s property. The law demands proof from the owner of the dog. In order to prove that the victim was trespassing, the dog’s owner needs to ensure that any potential trespasser recognized the fact that the owner did not permit strangers to enter the property. Our lawyer will want to know whether there was a visible sign indicating that the owner did not permit trespassing.

Furthermore, an official employee of a utility company or government agency has a legal right to enter the gate of a property even if a sign is posted. Consequently, the legal aspects as to whether a person was trespassing demands a professional opinion. Our Rancho Bernardo dog bite lawyer looks at all the facts before making a decision about filing a lawsuit.

Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

A dog bite can cause the victim to incur a traumatic brain injury (TBI) leading to memory loss and difficulty concentrating when performing tasks. The injured person may no longer have the capacity to hold down a job. The victim may not have the money to pay the rent or mortgage. A person who is attacked and bitten by a dog may contract the potentially deadly rabies virus that attacks the brain. Medical treatment for rabies includes undergoing a series of painful shots at a medical facility. Pasteurella is a type of contagious bacteria transmitted by the dog’s bite. A person who is contaminated may experience swelling and pain in the injured part of the body. A person who suffers from a serious injury caused by a dog bite needs to contact our Rancho Bernardo dog bite lawyer today.

Contact a Rancho Bernardo Dog Bite Lawyer

A person who is bitten by a dog needs to go the nearest emergency facility. In addition, the victim should keep any filed police reports and medical test results and show them to the attorney. The next step is to contact our Rancho Bernardo dog bite lawyer. Our personal injury attorney will discuss the case with the injured person and inform the individual whether a lawsuit is appropriate.

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