Why You Need an Accident Lawyer

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Why You Need an Accident Lawyer SDPIAWhen you start your car in the morning, you probably aren’t thinking about getting into an accident. However, when an accident does occur, you need to be sure you’re protected, especially if injuries are involved. In order to guarantee you receive the representation you’re entitled to, it is important to hire a qualified accident lawyer.


Why You Need an Accident Lawyer


Unfortunately, auto accidents are very common. In fact, over five million accidents happen every year in the U.S. The majority of all personal injury claims are related to an accident involving a truck, car or motorcycle. Minor accidents limited to vehicle damage can usually be handled directly by the insurance companies. Conversely, in instances where injuries or fatalities are involved, the skill and experience of a professional accident attorney can prove to be invaluable.


There are numerous reasons why you will want to have an accident attorney handling your personal injury claim including:


* Insurance Companies can be Adversarial: No matter how insurance companies try to portray themselves in advertisements, they are generally focused on profitability. In practice, this means they are trained to reduce the amount of an accident-related payout whenever possible. To ensure you receive the maximum value of your claim, you need to have a lawyer who knows how to deal with the insurance companies.


* Laws are Constantly Changing: Laws relating to personal injury are fluid and change rapidly. Missing a filing deadline could result in the complete disqualification of your claim. Your attorney thoroughly understands new and existing laws and will make sure your case is handled properly throughout the entire process


* Injuries May Appear Later: Some accident victims feel fine right after a collision, so they decide not to hire an attorney. Regrettably, many injuries show up days, weeks or months later. This is particularly common in those who have suffered brain, soft tissue or internal injuries. If you fail to contact an attorney immediately after the accident, you may unknowingly diminish your chances of receiving just compensation.


An Accident Lawyer is Your Advocate


A lawyer who specializes in handling accident claims will help you get appropriately reimbursed for accident-related expenses like medical bills, lost wages, and car repairs. Your attorney can also help secure compensation for pain and suffering if appropriate. Most attorneys specializing in personal injury offer free consultations. Depending on the nature of your claim, the attorney may agree to work on a contingency basis, which relieves you of any upfront costs. The lawyer gets paid from the proceeds of your claim only after the funds have been disbursed.


Unfortunately, vehicle accidents are very common and although it is scary to be involved in one, staying calm and collected can be very beneficial. Not everyone will need legal representation, but if you think you might, it’s best to hire an accident attorney in order to protect yourself.