The Most Common Injuries from Car Accidents

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The Most Common Injuries from Car Accidents SDPIACar accidents happen every day and rank as the 9th leading cause of death according to the Annual U.S. Road Crash Statistics. In fact, more than 37,000 deaths occur and between 20 and 50 million people are injured in auto accidents each year. It’s important to talk with a lawyer if you have sustained any common injuries from a recent car accident.


Head and Neck Injuries


A violent impact causes debilitating brain and neck injuries. These injuries often occur without cuts, bruises or other visible trauma but can cause bruising and swelling of the brain. A sudden impact can also lead to whiplash and neck strain, including cervical dislocation in severe crashes.


Back and Spinal Cord Injuries


Injuries to the lower back occur most often in auto accidents, such as sprains and fractured vertebrae. A back injury doesn’t always show up right away; it can take a day or two before the pain occurs. Damage to the spinal cord causes even more serious conditions like full or partial paralysis.


Chest and Internal Injuries


Blunt force trauma to the chest causes everything from mild bruising to collapsed lungs. An impact from the front or the side can lead to broken ribs, cuts and damage to internal organs, ranging from mild swelling to severe bleeding. Having a heart condition can also cause cardiac arrest during or after a car accident.


Emotional Injuries


A car crash may have lingering effects on the people involved. Crashes associated with severe injuries or death lead to emotional distress, anxiety and depression. A person may live with short- or long-term post-traumatic stress disorder or suffer from other psychological injuries. It can take years of counseling and professional treatment to heal any emotional scars left over after an accident.


Speak with a lawyer if you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident. A lawyer can assess your case and provide legal counsel when you need it. Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible gives you a way to receive compensation for those who were injured during the accident.

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