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Holiday Driving Safety Tips SDPIA
As the holidays approach, you may be planning to pack up the car and head out to visit friends and family. However, thousands of people have the same idea. With so many holiday travelers on the road, how can you ensure a safe trip and avoid car accidents?

Here are 7 Holiday Road-Safety Tips

1. Avoid aggressive driving.

Don’t let congested lanes cause you to lose your patience. That often leads to unsafe decisions and reckless driving. Heavy traffic can often lead to frustrated cutting in and out of lanes. Take your time this holiday season, and just go with the flow so you can arrive at your destination safely.

2. Keep your eyes on the road.

Maintain your focus while driving. Keep your eyes on the road ahead, taking quick glances at the rear view and side view mirrors. Resist the urge to text or look at your smartphone while driving.

3. Take breaks during long drives.

Driving for hours can make anyone tired enough to fall asleep behind the wheel. Take a break every hour or so even if it’s just a quick stop at a roadside store.

4. Slow down in bad weather.

Drive the minimum speed limit or less when there is heavy fog, rain or snow. If you don’t have daytime running lights, turn on your headlights to make your car easier for other drivers to see. Beware of ice on bridges and black ice on the road. If you start sliding, steer into the slide, and take your foot off the gas pedal.

5. Don’t follow too closely.

Keep a good distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Allow for at least a car length distance to prevent a car accident if there is a sudden stop.

6. Use your emergency flashers.

Turn on your emergency flashers if you have to pull to the side of the road. You’ll make it easier for other drivers to see your car and prevent accidental collisions.

7. Remember the basics.

Service your car before you leave. Check your vehicle’s tire pressure, wiper blades, fluids, and hoses. Make sure that all the lights work. Adjust your mirrors for the best viewing angle, use your turn signals and buckle up for safety.

Distractions can pop up out of nowhere, so it’s important to keep these things in mind if you want to avoid car accidents. Following the rules of the road and taking extra precautions while driving will help you make it safely to your destination.