Most Dangerous Intersections in San Diego

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Most Dangerous Intersections in San Diego SDPIA

Watch Out for These Dangerous Intersections in San Diego

San Diego is routinely recognized as one of the nation’s best places to live. With a temperate climate, beautiful scenery, and thriving economy, the city continually attracts new residents looking for a vibrant west coast lifestyle. While San Diego’s infrastructure is fundamentally sound, traffic issues in some areas create serious hazards for drivers, bicyclists, joggers, and pedestrians. Knowing which intersections in San Diego present the greatest danger may help you avoid a serious car accident.

* 54th Street and University Avenue: University Avenue is generally considered the most dangerous road in San Diego, so it’s no surprise that it contributes to one of the most perilous intersections as well. The 54th Street and University Avenue intersection is very hazardous for biking enthusiasts and pedestrians. Over the past decade, there have been 77 car accidents at this intersection including those involving six pedestrians and five bicycle riders.

* West Point Loma and Abbott Street: Local residents witness many accidents at this dangerous intersection. The problem stems from poorly placed street signs that are confusing and conflicting. Drivers heading west on West Point Loma can either go straight or turn left on Abbot without any restrictions. However, cars heading in the opposite direction have a stop sign, but on Abbott, there is only a yield sign. The resulting confusion causes some drivers to pull directly in front of other vehicles traveling west on West Point Loma.

* 5th Avenue and A Street: Located in downtown San Diego, this intersection is unsafe because it’s near the entrance to a freeway. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to cars accelerating as they prepare to enter the on-ramp.

* 2nd Avenue and Cedar Street: Particularly risky for pedestrians, this intersection is located at the point where the freeway ends. There are also several confusing traffic signs in and around the intersection.

Other Notable Intersections

It’s worth noting that University and 4th Avenue, Euclid and Naranja, and Ingraham and La Playa rank high on the list of the worst intersections for pedestrian injuries in San Diego. Over an 11 year period ending in December 2012, San Diego experienced over 7,500 pedestrian accidents, and nearly 50 percent occurred in intersection crosswalks. Whether you travel on foot or by car, you should be aware of these dangerous San Diego intersections so you can avoid car accidents.