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You are walking through a parking lot or along the sidewalk when the unthinkable happens, leaving you in the hospital feeling lost and confused. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, pedestrian accidents injured more than 70,000 people in 2012.

While you might feel compelled to turn to the insurance companies for help and support, doing so is not always the best move. Since insurance companies want to protect their bottom line, they will try to reduce the amount of compensation that you can receive. The following guide will tell you everything you need to know about pedestrian accidents and why you should reach out to a Rancho Bernardo personal injury attorney.

Pedestrian Accidents

Learning how to define pedestrian accidents will get you started in the right direction when your goal is to understand your case. These accidents occur when a motorist collides with a pedestrian, but situations involving poor sidewalk or building maintenance that cause injuries also fall under the term. In other words, you are the victim of a pedestrian accident if you were walking in a public area and were injured by a vehicle or your environment.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrian accidents can cause many types of injuries that range in severity. A minor accident can cause scrapes and bruises that do not require extensive medical treatment. On the other hand, if a car or truck is traveling quickly and collides with a pedestrian, the results can be devastating. Victims could experience broken bones, internal bleeding, soft-tissue damage and more.

In the seconds and minutes that follow an accident, the adrenaline can prevent victims from feeling the pain of their injuries, so you will always want to receive medical care. In addition to protecting your health, visiting a physician will also provide you with documentation that you can later use as evidence.

Pedestrian Accident Damages

When you are in a pedestrian accident and someone else’s negligence is to blame, you can gain damages to cover your medical bills and other expenses. If your injury forces you to seek long-term treatment, you can collect compensation so that you won’t need to manage the expenses alone. Severe injuries can prevent people from going to work and earning an income, and you will be able to seek compensation for your lost wages if that happens.

The court will look at a range of factors to determine a number of damages you can collect. If the insurance company says that you had played a role in the accident, it can attempt to get the court to reduce your compensation. No matter the details of the case, having a personal injury lawyer in your corner will give you the best possible outcome.

Common Causes of Rancho Bernardo Pedestrian Accidents

Many events can cause a pedestrian accident to take place, and you will want to learn about the most common threats. Distracted drivers who are texting and not paying attention to the road can hit people in crosswalks and parking lots, causing painful injuries. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also likely to collide with an innocent person.

If someone spills a liquid on the ground and does not clean the mess, it can cause others to slip and fall. Construction companies that don’t pay attention to what they are doing can drop materials off a roof and onto pedestrians, and the court can hold them accountable for their actions. If this guide did not cover the type of accident with which you were involved, your personal injury attorney can give you additional details.

Why You Need a Rancho Bernardo Personal Injury Attorney

Although pursuing a personal injury case without the support of a legal expert is possible, you are not likely to win in court. The insurance companies have more experience than you when it comes to personal injury cases, and they will put in the effort to reduce your compensation. In fact, they will try to use your statements against you, and most people won’t even know about the problem until it’s too late.

Your Rancho Bernardo personal injury attorney will review your case and craft a solid strategy. When you have many people working on the other side, you will need an attorney in whom you can trust. Waiting too long to speak with a legal expert will reduce your odds of reaching a fair deal, so you will want to get started right away.

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