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Car Accidents Happen Everywhere – Even In Scenic La Jolla!

If you’ve been involved in a car incident in La Jolla and it was caused by someone else’s negligence call our experienced team of lawyers at San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys. We understand there’s an initial shock from being involved in a car accident. We will guide you, answer all your questions, get you the medical attention you need, and more. Until you’ve had a chance to talk to us or to another qualified lawyer, don’t speak to the insurance company or sign any paperwork. We offer free virtual consultations and we are the best law firm in La Jolla, San Diego, CA, with 5-star Google ratings. We will aggressively fight for you! For a free consultation call us at (619) 752-2217

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If you have been involved in an accident you may have many question, perhaps don’t know what to do next? We will help you and fight for the right compensation for you. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident because of someone else’s actions, let us help you recover the financial compensation you deserve. Our attorneys are available to answer all your questions. For a free consultation call us:  (619) 752-2217

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Driving Challenges of La Jolla

To be fair, this charming sea-side town has a number of challenges that make driving difficult. If you have a car accident call immediately to La Jolla car accident lawyer. Here are just a few reasons why La Jolla has more than its fair share of serious accidents:

  • Distracted Driving – It’s only natural that both year-round residents and vacationers would gaze in awe at the stunning ocean views and lovely hillsides that surround La Jolla. However, every time the driver takes their eye off the road and lets their attention wander, they put lives at risk. It only takes a split second of inattention to cause a serious, or even fatal, accident.
  • Drivers Who Are Unfamiliar with the Area – The weekly influx of tourists presents a challenge even if they’re paying strict attention to their actions. Pedestrians who aren’t sure of their route and the local roadways can easily step into traffic while drivers who have never been to La Jolla may miss stop signs or traffic signals. This type of driver is also prone to making sudden turns or stops with little notice to other drivers.
  • Heavy Traffic – Whether it’s the site-seeing tourist or the local who’s just out for an evening drive, the more scenic areas of La Jolla can attract a lot of traffic on any given day. Even if a grid-locked traffic jam doesn’t develop, more moving cars generally means more accidents. Because you can be the victim of a negligent or distracted driver on any given day, you should always call on a La Jolla car accident attorney when you’ve been damaged through no fault of your own.
  • Student Drivers – The car insurance companies do have one thing right. Statistically speaking, younger, less-experienced drivers are more likely to be in an incident. With the UCSD campus nearby, the local streets are filled with students. Whether these young people are driving, walking or biking, they increase the challenging nature of La Jolla’s roads.
  • Older Drivers – Even the safest driver will experience deterioration in eyesight, reaction time and driving ability as they age. La Jolla has a very active retirement community filled with older drivers who, due to a number of driving challenges, are just as likely to be the victim of a negligent driver as cause an accident themselves.

Financial Compensation Won’t Fix Everything But it can Help!

Although money can never make up for your injuries or your pain and suffering, it can allow you to pay your bills, protect your assets and live your life with dignity. Because it simply isn’t fair to jeopardize everything you’ve spent your life working for because someone else made a mistake on the roadway, we is prepared with the experience, the knowledge and the drive necessary to recover the financial compensation you need to live life on your terms.

Adequate financial compensation can also help you recover. Healing and recovery take a substantial amount of physical and mental energy, and chronic stress depletes your strength and stamina when you need them the most. While mounting bills are extremely stressful for the typical person, trying to deal with the bureaucratic process at a standard insurance company can be almost enough to push you over the edge. When you retain the services of a La Jolla car accident lawyer, you can leave that frustrating ordeal in our capable hands. Once you’ve delegated this responsibility, you can focus on what’s truly important to you and your family: your complete recovery.

If You’re Facing Long-Term Disability, a La Jolla Car Accident Attorney is Critical.

Car crashes often result in severe injuries that prevent the victim from working for months, years or, sometimes, forever. If you’re facing an uncertain future and your income stream has suddenly been put in jeopardy, it’s more critical than ever to contact a La Jolla car accident lawyer to protect your rights. The insurance company will definitely offer you some type of settlement in this case, but it will rarely be enough for you to live on until you can return to work. In this case, they’ll force you to agree to release their client from any form of liability before handing over the funds, and they know that your condition and financial desperation could make you sign away your rights before consulting with an attorney.

The insurance company may even tell you that you would be wasting money by hiring an experienced attorney because they’re offering you the limits of the policy. Even if they are telling you the truth about the policy, a La Jolla car accident attorney may be able to obtain a more generous settlement. Here are just a few things they will look at in addition to the driver’s insurance policy:

  • The Driver’s Assets – An experienced attorney can use their authority with the court to force the driver to reveal their financial assets. If they own anything of value or have substantial earnings, you may be able to recover more than their insurance policy allows.
  • The Driver’s Other Insurance Policies – Your lawyer will be able to find out if the negligent party has any other insurance policies that you can file a claim against including balloon policies.
  • Your Insurance Policy – In some cases, you may be able to file against your own insurance as well as the other driver’s policy. This will depend on the specific language within each policy, and your attorney is the most qualified individual to interpret these documents and work with each insurance provider.

Finally, a La Jolla car insurance attorney can make sure that you actually collect your settlement. Many settlements and judgments aren’t worth the paper they’re written on if you are entitled to more than the insurance policy calls for. Individuals often ignore the court paperwork and never pay what they owe unless you pursue aggressive collection strategies. Your attorney can help with this part of the process as well.

Every Car Accident Attorney Isn’t Created Equal!

There are plenty of fine attorneys in the San Diego area, but for the best results, you should choose the one with the best track record with auto accident claims in the La Jolla area. We have more than 30 years of experience aggressively pursuing financial recovery for our clients. With dozens of victories under our belt and hundreds of thousands of dollars in our clients’ pockets, we honestly feel that our firm is the most experienced La Jolla car accident attorney available!

When you choose a personal injury attorney with a stellar reputation for negotiating the best settlements for their clients, you can bet that the insurance companies know their name. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll see a low-ball offer turn into a generous proposal when the insurance company receives notice that you are now represented by expert counsel. Of course, we will carefully review your financial needs, your health records, your treatment needs and your pain and suffering to present an appropriate counter-offer before making any recommendation. It’s always up to you whether you accept or refuse any offer, and we’re always ready to take your case to court if necessary.

We also take another step that less experienced attorneys may overlook until it’s too late. If we feel that your case will end up in court, we will do everything within our power to preserve any related evidence. While a picture is worth thousands of words, it’s never as good as the original article. The insurance company is very rarely legally required to preserve a totaled vehicle pending a court date. If we feel your case could hinge on the court actually seeing one or more of the vehicles involved in the crash, we can file a motion with the court to prevent the insurance company from disposing of the evidence. This is just one more example of the benefits you will receive by insisting on working with only the most experienced La Jolla car accident lawyer.

As the area’s premiere La Jolla car accident attorney, we protect our clients’ interests whenever they are injured in a car accident because of someone else’s negligence. Our specialty also include:

  • Rollover Accident
  • Semi-Truck Accident

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