Staying Off The Road During Major Holidays

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Staying Off The Road During Major Holidays SDPIAIn most cities, major holidays mean traffic, and a higher volume of vehicles leads to more accidents. Between distracted driving and celebrating a little too much during the festivities, driving during holidays can be a scary experience. Here are some options for keeping yourself safe when you have to be on the road during major holidays.


Avoid the Roads


If at all possible, the best option is to stay off of the roads completely. If you are visiting family or friends during the holiday season, consider traveling a few days before and after the holiday to avoid being on the road on the actual holiday. You could also stay home on the holiday and visit loved ones in the weeks leading up to or following the special day.


Wear Your Seat Belt


If traveling on the holiday is unavoidable, be sure that everyone in the vehicle wears a seat belt. In the case of an accident, seat belts can significantly reduce the severity of injuries. It is even possible for seat belts to save lives during accidents.


Choose a Designated Driver


It can be difficult to avoid participating in holiday festivities, so be sure to choose a designated driver before you show up at holiday events. The designated driver should make it clear that he or she will be responsible for getting friends and family members safely home. When everyone at the event is aware of who the designated drivers are, hosts can be sure to avoid serving these individuals to ensure the safety of guests.


Use Car Seats


Children are often part of the holiday festivities, and including younger family members in the traveling arrangements requires those who will be transporting children to ensure that they have the appropriate car seats. Car seats and booster seats are rated according to height and weight so it’s important to have the proper seat for the child.


Avoid the Roads During the Most Dangerous Holidays


While you may normally be on the road during the holidays, you can reduce your chances of being in an accident by staying off of the road during holidays that are known for having high numbers of traffic accidents. Independence Day, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving are the most dangerous holidays in regards to number of accidents and the number of fatalities associated with these accidents.


Traveling is common during the holidays, but being on the road on these special days poses safety risks. Avoid driving while impaired, try to travel on days other than the holiday and choose a designated driver to stay safer on the road.