Attorney Kevin Cowan


Kevin was raised in and around Chicago, IL before moving to San Diego and obtaining his JD at USD School of Law in 2009. Kevin served as an associate attorney at San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys, and from there he was promoted to lead the San Jose office when they expanded to the Bay Area.

Kevin has excelled academically throughout his career as a student and has continued this tradition of excellence in his law practice. He was elected President of the National Lawyers Guild at USD. He held a position on the Graduate Student Council, served on the USD Presidential Advisory Board, and has been a member of the San Diego, San Jose, and California Bar Associations for a number of years. Kevin was qualified to practice law in federal court in 2016.

Kevin has been published in newspapers and learned treatises, served on the mock trial team at NCC, performed on stage in theater and in rock bands, plays guitar, speaks poor Spanish, poorly sings in English, and was a familiar voice on 89.1 FM in Chicago for four years.

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