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Contact our National City personal injury attorney if you want to have a free consultation to determine whether you have a legal claim. If negligence caused your injury, you have specific legal rights including the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. If your lawyer agrees to file a claim on your behalf, you have the opportunity to receive monetary compensation that exceeds any payment offered by an insurance company. While it is true that formulas and calculations can never erase your pain and suffering, additional money helps your family when you need to pay medical bills or make mortgage payments on a home.

Million Dollar Car Accident Settlement In San Diego

If you have been injured in an accident contact our experienced attorneys today, we will help you fight for just compensation. Schedule your free consultation call us (619) 752-2217 we’re available 24/7!

Your Personal Injury and Legal Proceedings

When you file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of our National City attorney, you enter into a legal contract. However, your personal injury lawyer will first need to determine whether you have a legitimate case. If negligence caused your accident, your attorney will inform you of your legal rights. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you agree to work with an experienced professional who is able to represent your case before a judge. You may not even need to appear in court. Your attorney and the negligent party’s lawyer may reach a settlement agreement that is satisfactory to everyone.

Provide an Attorney with Evidence and Witnesses

Before setting up your initial consultation with our National City personal injury attorney, make sure you have substantial evidence to prove your case. Bring written documents including police reports, medical bills, lost earnings from your previous place of employment and a list of witnesses. Keep the original documents and give photocopies to the attorney. Strong evidence helps your lawyer build a case and may yield a more substantial settlement amount.

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File your Case in Accordance with your State’s Statute of Limitations

File your case in a timely manner. Otherwise, your state’s statute of limitations may expire leaving you without any further recourse for obtaining monetary recompense. The statute of limitations for a typical personal injury case filed in California is only two years. Contact a personal injury attorney at our National City legal firm today to ensure that our lawyer files a lawsuit before your legal rights cease to exist. Once your attorney files a claim, you do not need to worry about paying any money unless you win the case.

Take Advantage of the Law by Contacting Our National City Personal Injury Attorney

Our National City personal injury attorney wants to fight for your legal rights. If you have been injured, contact our office now. You deserve fair compensation for your injury. Once our lawyer agrees to take your case, you will begin your journey within the legal system. If you have already received money from an insurance company, you still have the right to seek legal counsel. You will not receive ample compensation from an insurance agency. An insurance agent does not sue the negligent party. Our attorney takes your case and elevates it to the next level. Call our office today.

Types of Cases in National City:

If you’ve been hurt you need the best personal injury attorney in National City to fight for your rights. Our attorneys have over 30yrs of experience and recovered over $100M for accident victims. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us 24/7 at  (619) 752-2217.

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