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Getting a burn injury attorney involved early in the process of a burn victim case can help settle many of these questions. A good lawyer can sort out financial matters and seek proper damages if the burn is found to be caused by someone else’s negligence or actions. Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact us to be put in touch with a burn injury attorney, and let us help you.

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Recent statistics have shown that most accidents involving burns can be prevented. Innocent people should not have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. If you live in the San Diego area and need a San Diego burn injury lawyer, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your legal options.

There are many different causes and factors that can give an individual a burn injury. Common burn injuries can result from contact with hot objects, scalding liquids, steam,  dangerous chemicals, and even bad San Diego car accidents. There are also burn injuries that result from more rare circumstances like fire, boiler explosions, electrical explosions, and construction accidents. People who die from fire-related burns often succumb to inhalation injury and not external burns.

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If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident that resulted in a burn injury, and you or someone you know resides in the San Diego area, call us. We have over 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of our burn injury victims.

While financial compensation and punitive damages might never fully remove physical and psychological injuries due to burns, cash settlements can ease the burden of having a loved one or family member injured, and financial compensation can also help burn victims recover and get their lives back on track.

Our office specializes in cases that involve accidents that result in serious burn injuries. In over 30 years of going to court, we have won hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. It always pays to obtain legal counsel and representation if you are a burn victim who seeks monetary damages. Not only can a highly qualified lawyer inform you of your legal rights and make sure your rights are protected, but a lawyer can also help you to claim all of the money you deserve. Insurance companies are always trying to pay out as little money possible to the fewest people possible. Many insurance companies will respond differently to victims who have retained the services of a lawyer. If you have suffered a burn injury in the San Diego area, contact us for legal advice before you sign any paperwork from an insurance company.

The Right Compensation.

Did you know that if you suffer a burn, you can often be compensated for actual damages and punitive damages? Actual damages can include the cost of medical care, tests, supplies and treatment, lost earnings and lost potential earnings, as well as money to compensate for pain, emotional trauma, disabilities and disfigurement. The person or company that is ultimately responsible for causing a person to become a burn victim will often owe damages, known as punitive damages, to the victim in an attempt to hold that person or company accountable. If the unthinkable happens and a burn victim dies, you might be able to claim additional damages due to wrongful death statutes. Our burn injury lawyers will make sure that any burn victim who is represented by our firm will receive the maximum amount of damages they can claim by law.

In recent court cases involving burn victims, lawyers have secured significant financial compensation for individuals who have been injured in accidents that occurred while they were on the job, individuals who have been injured due to defective products and individuals who have been injured because of property owner negligence or property builder negligence.

Although it might be hard to immediately ascertain, defective products can be the cause of many burn injuries. In the case of house fires, a smoke alarm or a fire extinguisher can malfunction. A household appliance can overheat or explode due to faulty wiring. If your vehicle unexpectedly caught fire, or it was involved in an accident and caught fire, your vehicle may have been improperly assembled or designed. Certain defective products can cause high-voltage electrical burns in addition to their ability to start fires. If an item malfunctions and causes a serious injury, or it causes a situation that results in a serious burn injury, then the item’s manufacturer or producer might be at fault.

In many other cases, negligence by builders, contractors or building inspectors can be the cause of burn injuries. Smoke alarms could have been improperly installed and maintained, jumper wires and other electrical wires could have been improperly installed, hazardous chemicals might have been stored in the wrong place, fire escapes might not have been properly maintained and water heaters and furnaces might not have been properly maintained.

Our San Diego burn injury lawyers will carefully examine all of the causes of the incident that caused you or your loved one to suffer a injury, and we will determine the party or parties responsible.

If you or someone you know has suffered a burn injury, do not hesitate to take legal advice. Many people believe that their insurance will take care of their medical treatments, or they don’t want to “make a fuss.” Medical treatment for burn victims can reach astronomical prices. Let’s say, for example, you suffered a burn that covered 30 percent of your total body. Your initial hospitalization costs, treatments, tests and physician fees might cost a maximum of $200,000. More extensive burns, of course, can be even more costly. After you’ve been released from the hospital, what then? You likely have a long road to recovery. Multiple hospital visits, specialists, therapy sessions, tests and treatments are on your horizon. You will have to rehabilitate your body, and there might even be some reconstruction involved. The cost of your medical bills can skyrocket very quickly. How confident do you feel about the ability of your insurance to cover all of this treatment now?

Our San Diego burn injury lawyers will be able to fight for and protect your legal and financial rights. Our attorneys are dedicated and committed to ensuring the well-being of our clients, and they are dedicated and committed to ensuring all of our clients can recover and will have a financial future. Before you sign any paperwork or make any agreements, be sure to give us a call first.

It’s understandable that you might not want to consider legal representation during the early stages of being a burn survivor or during the early stages of dealing with a loved one who has suffered a burn injury. Severe burn injuries can be absolutely devastating to a person’s body and psyche, and being emotionally close to someone who has suffered a serious burn can take quite a toll on one’s mental health. Survival of the burn victim and of those close to a burn victim should always be everyone’s number one priority.

The seriousness of many burn injuries raises several questions for burn survivors and those who are closest to them. Will the burn cause a permanent disability or a disfigurement? Will the burn survivor be able to go back to work? What steps will need to be performed in order to help the burn survivor recover? And who will pay for the necessary medical treatments, therapy and care?

Our San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys ensures that your legal rights are fully protected according to the law. Our attorneys are available 24/7. For a free consultation call our office: (619) 752-2217.

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