How to Protect Yourself After A Car Accident in San Diego

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how to protect yourself after a car accident in san diegoCar accidents, we see them all the time, so it’s important to know how to protect yourself after a car accident in San Diego. Unfortunately, with all the distractions these days, car accidents seems to be getting worse. The last thing anyone want is to get into an accident, but if it happens to you, it’s always best to know what you should do in order to protect yourself.
It’s too easy to let the stress of the situation cloud your judgment so knowing what to do beforehand will help you to make the right decisions. Here’s our Top 10 List to protect yourself after a car accident in San Diego.

  1. Do not leave the scene. Anytime there is a car accident, you must stay at the scene or you could be arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.
  2. Call the police. Most people don’t think it’s important to call the police, especially if they don’t think the accident was that bad, but by filing a report you will be covering all your bases. Sometimes the person responsible for the accident may ask that you don’t call the police, whatever you do, don’t trust them. You may find yourself in an even worse situation.
  3. Take pictures of the scene. Cell phones make it very easy to document anything and everything so be sure to take photos of everything regarding the accident and get that evidence. You never know what you might need for your insurance company or to help your case if you need to go to court.
  4. Write down witness information. If you are lucky enough to have witnesses, be sure to get their name, number and address. If they don’t want to wait around for the police, you’ll still be able to give the information to them so they can get additional information about the accident in case they need it or in case you need a witness in court.
  5. Don’t discuss the accident with the other driver. Some people are so flustered in the case of a car accident that they start nervously talking, saying things that may not, in fact, be true. You don’t want the other driver blaming you or writing down what you’re saying in order to blame you. Just wait for the police and tell them everything you know.
  6. Have your documents handy. You will need your license and registration in case of an accident so be sure to have them handy. Making sure you have your insurance paid up to date is important, since it’s illegal to drive without it.
  7. Be sure to exchange information with the other driver. If you call the police, they will most likely take care of this but if not, be sure you do. You will need it for insurance purposes.
  8. If you were injured, report it and see a doctor. You want to be sure to seek medical attention if you are hurt. Many injuries worsen over time so if there is any chance you you were injured, see a doctor.
  9. Contact your insurance company. Once you have filed a police report, you’ll want to notify your insurance company. Many policies require that you report car accidents within a certain amount of time in ordered to be covered so if you’re not sure, check your policy.
  10. Protect yourself and know your rights. Contacting your attorney right away is the only way to insure your rights are protected. They can help you to navigate the situation so you get proper compensation for your vehicle and get proper medical treatment and everything in between. Call San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys, they will protect your rights.

These ten tips can help you to understand how to navigate the situation you take if you find yourself in a car accident. It is vital to understand that you need to protect your rights. The other driver won’t, the police won’t, but an attorney will be there for you.