How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in San Diego

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How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in San DiegoAre you currently planning to initiate a personal injury case? If so, how to find the best Personal Injury Lawyer in San Diego is your next step. Consider this: The truth may be entirely on your side, but without a good attorney in your corner, you likely won’t get very far.


Finding Representation

Unless you have some personal knowledge or acquaintance, the right lawyer can be difficult to locate. Fortunately, in a technical world, the Internet is your friend. A search based on keywords like “personal injury attorney” and “plaintiff’s lawyer” with your location can set you down the proper path. Print ads and your local telephone book might also help.


Once you’ve turned up some likely prospects, you need to consider:

– Experience. Good personal injury attorneys are thoroughly knowledgeable in personal injury law.
– Reputation. Your state’s bar association can help you determine whether the attorney you are considering is currently in good standing.
– Regional knowledge. The right lawyer for you will be familiar with local courts, insurance companies and other attorneys.
– Professional affiliations. Membership in your state or local trial lawyers association or the American Association for Justice should serve as a plus in the “keeper” column.
– A fighting spirit. An attorney with a reputation for toughness can be surprisingly useful in expediting your case. In many instances, the opposing side will opt to avoid a difficult head-to-head confrontation, choosing instead to settle out of court.
If you’re the injured party, it’s important to ensure that the attorney you’re considering identifies as a plaintiff’s lawyer. One who concentrates primarily on defendant representation is probably not the one for you.


It is also helpful to determine whether a potential prospect:

– Is experienced in cases dealing with your specific type of injury.
– Belongs to a respected law firm.
– Has published any articles, informational pieces or FAQs.

In addition, if a lawyer has been instrumental in winning any prominent cases, his name will likely appear in published news articles on the subject.


Evaluating Your Choice

When you’ve found an attorney who appears appropriate, be sure to ask for references and permission to contact them. Make certain, as well, that no conflict of interest exists. A lawyer who has previously represented the defendant or any of his associates will certainly not be the one for you.

When you’re litigating a personal injury, a skilled attorney can be of invaluable aid in seeing you through a difficult time. Even more important, finding the best personal injury attorney could mean the difference between winning and losing your case.