DUI Prevention and Consequences of Drunk Driving

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CC: image courtesy of 911 Bail Bonds Las Vegas
CC: image courtesy of 911 Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Just this past Fourth of July, over 100 drunk drivers were arrested in the San Diego County alone. Across the rest of the state, officials apprehended more than 1,400 drunk drivers. This is just one symptom of a widespread drinking and driving problem plaguing California. According to MADD, 28 percent of fatal accidents in California are caused by drunk driving, and DUIs cost the state $4.9 billion

For California residents, these statistics are alarming. The odds are quite high that you may be involved in a drunk driving accident at some point in your life. Fortunately, there are a few ways to protect yourself while traveling through San Diego.

Tips For Staying Safe and Preventing Drunk Driving:  

  • Know your limits. The legal blood alcohol content limit is .08, but your coordination begins to be affected at a BAC of .05. Your BAC will be affected by your weight, the amount of time your body has been able to metabolize the alcohol, and the type and amount of liquor consumed. Additionally, your tolerance level plays a role: Even if your BAC is below the legal limit, you may still be too drunk to drive safely. It’s always safest to avoid driving altogether after you’ve begun drinking.
  • Bring a designated driver. If you must drink at a social event, bring a trusted friend or family member to be your driver. The DD shouldn’t drink any alcohol during the event. You can trade off with several friends to alternate DDs between different social outings.
  • Call a designated driving service. If you want to safely enjoy a few drinks, consider hiring a professional designated driver service or calling a taxi. This way, your entire party can enjoy the festivities without worrying.
  • Drive defensively. Of course, not drinking and driving is only one half of keeping yourself safe from alcohol-related accidents. To protect yourself against other drivers, you will need to learn how to drive defensively. Also be sure to report any suspicious drivers you may see while driving. This will help keep from threatening other drivers and themselves.

Consequences of Drunk Driving:

Because drunk driving accidents are so dangerous, state laws are very strict. Even if you do not cause a collision while driving under the influence, you can still be severely punished if you get caught. In California, first-time offenders can expect to have their licenses suspended for up to four months, and an ignition interlock system might be installed in your vehicle at your own expense.

There’s also the issue of court fines and insurance premium increases, both of which can take a lot of money from your pocket. Of course, neither of these can compare with the long-lasting medical expenses of a person injured in a DUI accident. Whether you’ve been injured or involved in a drunk driving accident it’s important to get the help of a professional attorney. Your attorney works to protect your best interests and is an invaluable resource during this time of need.