Common Questions After a Car Accident

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Common Questions After a Car Accident - San Diego Personal Injury AttorneysDid you or someone you know have a car accident? These are some common questions you might have.

Do you always need to file an accident report? Being involved in an accident doesn’t always mean you need an attorney. A motor vehicle accident that caused only property damage and no injuries to drivers or passengers may be settled by insurance companies without lawyer involvement. There are, however, cases where the consultation of an experienced personal injury attorney is the right way to go.

Here are several things to consider prior to calling a lawyer:

Was the other driver insured?
If they were insured at the time of your accident, let your insurance company know. They may be able to make arrangements with the other company to pay your medical bills and car repairs. If they were not insured, your own uninsured motorist coverage may be needed to cover at least part of your expenses.

Do you have medical costs directly associated with the accident?
Even a relatively small accident can send a person to the emergency room. If your insurer or that of the other driver offers to pay for medical bills, good. If not, your best bet may be to contact a law office that handles personal injury cases. Do bear in mind that if you choose to sue for damages and win, you won’t receive any money for medical bills until the conclusion of the case.

After a wreck, should you call the other driver’s insurance company?
The answer to this one is easy, and the answer is a resounding “No!” You are under no obligation to contact the other driver’s insurer. In fact, doing so may cause you more trouble than satisfaction. By all means do call your own insurance company and tell them what happened.

Should you try to handle an accident claim without legal representation?
Probably not. As we said before, a simple accident claim may be handled between insurance companies without a lot of effort of your own. If either insurance company balks at paying the bills associated with the accident, the smartest thing you can do is to contact a qualified legal representative. Doing so will allow you to heal from your injuries instead of fighting with insurance companies.

If you were hurt due to another person’s lack of diligence, file an accident report and consult a competent personal injury attorney without delay. Most legal firms offer a free initial consultation, so calling them won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. If it is determined that you have a valid reason to sue, an attorney can begin legal action on your behalf.