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Chula Vista Personal Injury AttorneyContact our Chula Vista personal injury attorney if you have incurred injuries caused by negligence. If you are the plaintiff in a lawsuit, our attorney files a claim stating that your body, mind, or emotions were personally injured because the opposing party was negligent. If you were injured by a motorcycle accident resulting in brain damage, you may have a legal claim against the negligent party. If a truck driver caused you to suffer serious injuries because of negligence, contact our Chula Vista personal injury attorney now.


If you have been injured in an accident contact our experienced attorneys today, we will help you fight for just compensation. Schedule your free consultation call us (619) 752-2217 we’re available 24/7!

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Negligence Constitutes a Careless Act

It does not matter if the negligent party deliberately caused the accident. A private individual or business is guilty of negligence if your accident was caused by carelessness. For example, a dog bite was caused by the fact that the owner did not have the dog on a leash. Perhaps the driver of a vehicle or motorcycle was inebriated at the time that the accident took place. Either an informal settlement or a civil court proceeding will determine whether you deserve to receive monetary compensation for your injuries.

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A Personal Injury Must Affect you Personally

Property damage does not constitute a personal injury. If your house catches on fire because of negligence, you do not have a personal injury lawsuit unless you are personally injured. When you file a personal injury claim, you must prove that your injuries were caused by negligence. Whether you settle your case in or out of court, you may have the legal right to receive remuneration for your injuries. Call our Chula Vista law firm today to schedule an appointment with a personal injury lawyer who determines whether you have a lawsuit.

Your Chula Vista Personal Injury Attorney Follows Basic Legal Procedures

After our attorney agrees to take your case, you will sign a contract agreeing to reimburse the lawyer for legal fees. You do not need to pay any money prior to the legal proceedings. You only pay the specified percentage if your attorney wins the case. Next, your attorney follows specific steps. Your Chula Vista attorney will file your case in a local civil court. You will then need to undergo the discovery process in which the opposing attorney has the right to learn the intricate details of your case.

Attorneys have Legal Rights to Take Sworn Depositions

The defendant’s attorney may ask you to sign a sworn deposition. Depositions are also recorded via videos. Either lawyer can request that witnesses offer depositions in which they must answer pertinent questions. You may have to participate in a trial. However, lawyers may resolve your case without the need to have a trial.

Each Personal Injury Case is Unique

After filing your lawsuit, our Chula Vista personal injury attorney will calculate a fair amount of compensation. However, the opposing party’s attorney has the right to make a rebuttal. If your case goes to court, a jury will decide the amount of your award. Otherwise, the lawyers will agree to settle your case in an amicable manner.

Types of Cases in Chula Vista:

By hiring us, we will be sure to communicate appropriately with your insurance company, the other party’s insurance company, and even the other attorney if the other party has one. We will aggressively fight for you! Contact the best Chula Vista personal injury attorney today to schedule your consultation. Call us 24/7 at (619) 752-2217.

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