Cell Phone Use and Car Accidents, It’s Not All Bad News

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Cell Phone Use While Driving A CarCities and states across the nation are banning hands-on cell phone use and texting while driving as the accident rate continues to go up. In fact, many say that either activity is just as dangerous as drunk driving. However, the smartphone may change that and make cell phone (hands-on) safe. Proponents are already working on ways that this new mobile device will actually be able to prevent accidents one day soon. Here’s more about this innovation:

The Smartphone Difference
As smartphones have evolved, power and memory have increased dramatically, but widespread access to the Internet and cloud-based storage has made the computing power of these mobile devices practically limitless for all intents and purposes. Although smartphones can adapt quickly to this changing technology, cars can’t, especially when most people hold onto their vehicle much longer than their phone.

Dedicated Safety Devices – Not A Great Option
Over the past few years, the auto industry has developed a number of new safety features that can be installed at the factory or in the aftermarket. However, these sensors, cameras and other devices are expensive, bulky, complicated to install and power hungry.

The Marriage Between Smartphone and Automobile
A new invention is in the works that will allow you to connect your smartphone to your car so that it has all of the advantages of this evolving technology without expensive installation costs or concerns about adding a dedicated option to your car that will soon become outdated. Using a coupling device, a smartphone can be quickly attached to a vehicle while driving and detached just as quickly when the driver leaves the vehicle. While connected, data easily transfers between the phone and vehicle allowing it to provide a wide range of features including:

  • Vehicle Ignition Authorization
  • Accident Prediction
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Vehicular Diagnostics
  • Remote Communication
  • Emergency Response Assistance

The coupling unit also allows a single phone to be used with multiple vehicles with very little additional expense. If a new feature is needed, it’s as simple as upgrading the phone, updating the program or downloading a new app.

When someone coined the phrase, “there’s an app for that,” they weren’t kidding. Although cell phone use while driving may be taboo today, it is practically destined to become the wave of the future with new inventions like this one. In the meantime, if you’re injured in an accident because another driver was negligent in their use of a mobile device, give us a call.

Source: USPTO