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Rear End Car Accident Lawyer in Chula Vista

A rear-end collision happens when one car hits the back of the car that is in front of it. There may be minor fender damage or damage that results in a complete totaling of both vehicles. It is one of the most common accidents on the roads. If you have been hurt in a rear end car accident in Chula Vista, our law firm can help.

What Causes Rear-End Accidents?

There are a number of incidents that may lead to a rear-end collision.

  • Tailgating. When a driver follows too closely to the car that is in front of him or her, a rear-end crash may occur.
  • Distractions. Using a cell phone, listening to loud music, or eating while driving may cause a person to take his or her eyes off of the road. This can lead to an accident.
  • Poor Weather. Ice, snow, and fog are all hazards on the road. They may prevent a driver from braking on time. A person may slide or not be able to view the vehicle that is in front of him or her.
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Have you been involved in a rear end car accident in Chula Vista? San Diego Personal Injuury Attorneys can help. Call us today.

What Injuries are Related to Rear-End Accidents?

There are a number of injuries that may result from this type of auto accident.

  • Whiplash. If you are hit from behind, your entire body may be jolted forward. This can wreak havoc on your neck. In severe cases, pain may last for prolonged periods of time.
  • Back Injuries. As the body is jerked, the spine may become compressed, which can result in back problems.
  • Facial Injuries. In most instances, a car accident will cause a car’s airbags to deploy. If this occurs, your face may become injured during a rear-end collision.

What to Do After a Rear End Car Accident in Chula Vista

After an accident, a person should seek medical attention. Next, it is advised to contact a Chula Vista rear end accident lawyer. At our office, we are prepared to help you determine who is at fault and gather evidence that will be used to file a successful lawsuit so that you recover fair compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage.

Many times, insurance companies try to minimize compensation, especially with a low-impact rear-end crash. However, our experienced attorneys will properly value your case so that you can pay all of your medical expenses and make vehicle repairs.

Tips to Help Prove Your Case

To help your lawyer win your case, there are a few tips to follow. Immediately after an accident, you should call the police so that the incident is documented. In certain instances, the police will issue a sobriety test at the scene. Also, it is important to take pictures of the scene and to record witness accounts. Since your lawyer must prove that the other driver was liable, all of this information will help to form a solid case.

In California, there is a statute of limitations on how long you have to file your claim. To receive justice, it is essential to speak with a Chula Vista rear end accident lawyer who will work hard and make sure that the guilty party is held accountable. For a consultation with one of our attorneys, call for an appointment today.

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